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Coughs and Colds

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Coughs and colds can make your airways more “reactive”. However the effect can last for four to seven weeks after your illness. There are signs that the cough or cold is a little more severe than usual. The signs are Fever Reduced Appetite Productive Cough Shortness of breath Nasal Discharge If you have these symptoms it [...]

Medications and Anaesthesia

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Prior to your surgery or procedure, some medicines may need to be stopped or reviewed by your Anaesthetist, GP or other medical specialist. During your pre operative consultation you MUST advise your anaesthetist of all medication recently used or currently being taken. 10-14 Days before Surgery The following medicines should be reviewed at least 10 [...]

Fasting Guidelines

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Fasting is VERY important before your anaesthetic. This is because anaesthesia often causes a loss of normal reflexes. This makes patients prone to  regurgitation and inhalation of gastric contents. The times you need to fast is 6 hours for food 4 hours for breast milk 2 hours for water The time is based on when [...]

Smoking and Anaesthesia

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Summary: It would be ideal for you to quit smoking. If you cannot do this, reduce the amount you smoke. You should not smoke on the day of surgery. Smoking not only has harmful effects on general health but can also increase the risk when having anaesthesia and surgery. Smoking is associated with heart disease, [...]

National Anaesthesia Day, 2013

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A 2013 Community Attitudes Survey commissioned by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) found that, despite 96 per cent of people reporting experience of a general anaesthetic (personally or through a close family member): Only 50 per cent are aware that all anaesthetists are doctors (of these, 41 per cent know they [...]

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Surgeons / Proceduralists

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