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Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section

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The following text outlines the types of Anaesthesia available for Caesarean Section. Your Anaesthetist will see you and discuss your general health, progress of your pregnancy and anaesthetic with you in more detail. You can also obtain more information from your Obstetrician, Midwife and Antenatal classes. This text is intended to provide information only. Please [...]

Epidural Pain Relief for Childbirth

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An epidural provides very effective pain relief for women in labour. It is important to know about epidurals before labour as you may not manage with other forms of pain relief and you may decide to have an epidural once you are in labour. In addition to the details about epidurals below, extra information is [...]

Surgeons / Proceduralists

You can now book a case using the online case booking form... Click "For Surgeons" below, and you'll find a form that will send information directly to our administrative team. We'll be in contact with you with confirmation of your booking and let you know whether an anaesthetist is available at the time you require.

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