Dr. Lyndon Siu

Dr. Lyndon Siu
Dr. Lyndon SiuAnaesthetist

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MBBS (Melb)
Dr. Lyndon Siu is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. Following completion of specialist training in Australia, he gained further experience in regional anaesthesia, emergency airway management and research at St Michael’s Hospital, a university affiliated tertiary trauma centre in Toronto.

Since his return to Australia, he held a full time staff specialist position at Monash Medical Centre, a tertiary adult and paediatric hospital, and has been actively involved in postgraduate education and training. He currently combines a part time specialist appointment at Monash Medical Centre and a private practice at multiple private hospital networks in metropolitan Melbourne.

Anaesthetic Services
Australian Society of Anaesthetists
Australian and New Zealand College and Anaesthetists
Regional anaesthesia
Renovascular/transplant anaesthesia
Ultrasonography in anaesthesia
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Abstract presentations:
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