Dr. Pieter Peach

Dr. Pieter Peach
Dr. Pieter PeachAnaesthetist

About Pieter

BSc Hons

Dr Pieter Peach is a specialist anaesthetist working in both the public and private sector in Melbourne.

He graduated from the University of Sydney in 2001, and completed his anaesthesia fellowship year in paediatric anaesthesia at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne in 2012, with an additional six months as a fellow in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

He is currently working part time at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne as a consultant anaesthetist and works regularly at Cabrini Hospital Malvern, St Vincents Private East Melbourne and Fitzroy, Epworth Richmond, Victoria Parade Surgery Centre, and Stonnington Day Surgery.

His clinical anaesthesia practice is predominantly in neurosurgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, obstetrics, general surgery, general paediatric surgery, plastic surgery, opthalmology, adult and paediatric orthopaedics, and urology.

His regular surgeons include Mr Adam Landau, Mr Daniel Gordon, Mr Gary Nattrass, Dr Jennifer Wheatley, Mr Gregory Malham, Mr Morris Ritz, Dr David McKnight, Mr David Young, Mr Frances Ma, Dr Virginia Knight, Dr Jeremy Rosenbaum, and Dr Dan Lenaghan

He is deputy director at the Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management at Cabrini Health.

Outside of his clinical interests he enjoys exploring the potential for digital technologies to improve the patient experience through his company Designtask. The main projects of interest at the moment include Patientloops.com, a next generation patient management system, and Colligative.com, a knowledge sharing platform for anaesthetists.

To pay an account you call the rooms at (03) 9427 7899 or you can pay online at https://pieterpeach.com/pay